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Roque Benavides of Buenaventura (BVN) and his political ambitions

News from Perumin is that Roque Benavides, head honcho of Buenaventura (BVN), wants to become a political player in the country. When asked yesterday whether he’s thinking of running for a elected office (possibly aiming for the top and President of Peru in 2016), he replied, “I’m very close to making a decision on this matter” and then “I have to take into consideration and balance my personal, family and business life” before making the call.
As Roque has close ties with Peru’s APRA party (for evidence, check out this photo of a young Roque with Victor Haya de la Torre, founder of the party) the opportunity to use a formal party structure for his ambitions wouldn’t be difficult to arrange (though he’d need to come to some sort of agreement wih Alan García first, as Twobreakfasts’ presidential ambitions for 2016 are obvious already), but you can’t help but think that at the moment, Roque should be tending to his own business a little better than this:
The fawning and adulation of these Perumin-type mining conferences often goes to the head of the ego-charged mining bosses. They need to remember just how crap they are at running their businesses.

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