Take physic, pomp

Ross Beaty looks different…

…without the beard. He also sounds different when you know he steals assets from public companies and lines his pockets with the ill-gotten gains, too. He sounds defensive and extremely arrogant, however his voice still carries the clear in his conviction that he is above the law. A multimillionaire mining magnate worried about the contents of a blog post, now there’s a thing. The reason is obvious: Today’s modern investment world would see major international funds shake PAAS out of their portfolios the way a dog shakes out fleas if this got out to them, he needs to close the message down before real analysts find out. You might think Ross’s idea to stiff his own company out of $30m or so and share it between himself, Tim Young, Brian Paes-Braga and Frank Giustra as a simple peccadillo, a slip-up from an otherwise innocent soul. Big money is not that forgiving, so of course Beaty is going to lie in public about the way he cheats on the world.


    The question you havent’t answered (yet) is if it’s Ross idea and company why did he share it with the others?


    Was it his idea? Being mortal was he swayed by a band of nothing up my sleeve artists – that’s what would bother him the most. I’ll bet he let others convince him it was risk free – there was more in it for the others after all. Beaty is the biggest loser here. For the others, it’s how they roll. You get three con artist working on you with a bottle of something expensive. How long would or I last. Like to see them turn on each other in court. How would that play out?


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