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Ross Wide Boy Beaty has a market tip for you

Be like a Wide Boy, only buy EQX when it’s at $8:

He must be laughing his socks off at you morons, what a con artist this man is. Rips off his own companies by illegally selling its assets, stuffs his own pockets with the proceeds then buys shares with the ill-gotten gains. What a life. And the market reaction? “La La La I can’t hear you La La La broken slot machine La La La.” Anyone with nous for this sector knows Ross Wide Boy Beaty has been caught red-handed around his Juby scam, but nobody dares say a word. A plague o’ both your houses, Vancouver, city of cowards.

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    Nikko Montreal Ouest 15/08/21 4:09 am

    Looks like a BUY to me at that level. No point in crying…join him and make money. Im buying EQX Monday.


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