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RSS and mail (an in-house post)

I got asked today by a potential advertiser just how many people visit this humble corner of cyberspace, so instead of just telling that person (and as there’s nothing to hide), I thought the info could make it into a post (bit navel-gazer yeah…but hey, it’s a quiet market day and there’s time to kill before Uruguay-South Africa kicks off) for all. So as you can now see up in the top right corner of the page and also in this post, there are currently 1772 readers who get their IKN on either RSS or the daily digest e-mail that arrives the morning after.

It’s a little tougher to show the updated figures for direct site visitors, but take my word that there are typically the same amount again of visitors that come straight to the blog without using RSS or mail, which means the typical weekday viewer count is about 3,500 and pageviews comes in at 5,500 or 6,000 (it drops at the weekend, unsurprisingly). It’s not and never will be a big traffic blog, but that’s ok.
Finally, maybe regular direct visitors might want to try the RSS or mail versions like 1,772 people already use; it’s probably easier for you than coming to the blog every single time, both services are run by Google/Feedburner and as such are both reliable and safe and both use full feed so there’s nothing written here that’s edited out. All you need to do to join either (or both) is to click the appropriate button up there on the right.

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