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Rumour (update: rumour denied): Alberto Fujimori dead

We know he was taken to hospital from his jail cell this morning, but the rumour now flying around is that Ex-President Alberto Fujimori of Peru has died. AT THE MOMENT THIS IS UNCONFIRMED and we’ll be watching for news and bring you an update as soon as the rumour is denied or confirmed.

UPDATE: the move from jail cell to hospital this morning was for an emergency, that we now know. Still no news on the rumour that’s growing by the minute in Peru.

UPDATE 2: Rumours still rife about the state of Fujimori right now, but no official confirmation either way at present. Meanwhile this translated from this report in Peru’s El Comercio published a few minutes ago:

“…the last two days he has had (cardio)vascular problems, according to his personal medic, member of congress Alejandro Aguinaga.

“His state of health has been complicated for the last two days, he’s in evaluations….he has vascular problems which are not connected to his cancer. I’m currently with him” he said to El Comercio.

Aguinaga added that for the moment he could not give any more information.

UPDATE 3: The rumour has just been denied by a hospital spokesperson. However the hospital confirms Fujimori was transferred this morning under emergency status. No other details were offered up and there’s still a shroud of mystery about the whole affair.

UPDATE 4: It’s 3:35pm, four hours after this episode began and we can now file the story under the “And Fidel isn’t dead either” file. Turns out Fujimori had a swelling and loss of feeling in his left arm and he’s now back at his normal place of abode (you can hardly call it a cell more like a nice room that just happens to lock from the outside, not the inside). Not very pleasant I’d imagine, but better than death as that could really ruin your plans for the weekend. So ends another interwebnetpipes round of rumours.

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