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Sandstorm Gold (SAND) and cheapies

Financial internet is polluted by those annoying onanists who write “Hey!! Thanks for the cheap shares!!!” on bullboards, social media and yeah, even blog posts. However, there’s a real difference between them and the way I feel about the shares in Sandstorm (SAND) I’ve bought this week for tidily under U$8.00. Those “thanks for the cheapies” people are trying to put on a brave face as their previously held large position turns into a horrid bag to hold. On the other hand, I’m back in at a price I honestly thought we’d never see again.
The market thought for a while that SAND raising capital via an ATM placement was a net negative for the stock, that’s because the majority of the financial world is still stuck in Alternate Universe. All that ended late February 2020 and the longer it takes for you to adjust, the longer the rest of us will eat your lunch. So yeah, truly, thanks for the cheapies guys.

PS: And before you internet vigilante warriors kick off, this purchase was disclosed to readers of The IKN Weekly last Sunday. Purchases made on Monday. Next question?

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