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Sandstorm Gold (SAND) (SSL.to): Size matters

On the radar, Sandstorm (SAND) (SSL.to) has been in quiet achiever mode, up nicely over the last 48 hours on accumulation trading patterns.
In the opinion of your humble scribe (and one of the several reasons I own some), SAND is overdue a re-rating. And part of that is simply because the wider market hasn’t appreciated the growth in market cap we’ve seen as this company is now worth over U$1Bn, one of the important threshold numbers that allows more US instos to participate if desired. Also SAND trails the price/sales price/earnings multiples of the big streamer/royalty plays (FNV, WPM, RGLD) by too much these days and when the market begins to gives it due credit for growth, pipeline and its much improved financial standing (SAND has come a long way from the failed Brazilian bets of a few years ago), we should see a virtuous circle appear which sends SAND share prices and therefore market cap higher, simply because its market cap is higher. I see no reason at all why SAND can only command a price/sales of 11X while Franco, Wheaton etc get at least 15X and at some moments, up to 25X. 
SAND as stands today can go a lot higher, all it requires is a little more market traction. For sure when Hod Maden starts to kick in the company will change forever, but there’s no need to wait that long for a successful trade.

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