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Sandstorm’s (SAND) Nolan Watson with a chunk of plain truth

And they wonder why IKN has been beating on this drum for years. Here’s the Q&A with Cambone of Kitco, the fun bit is at the end:
Transcript for your reading pleasure:
Nolan Watson: “…we’ve build up a technical team, we spend a lot of time going digging into the guts of drill databases and understanding metallurgy and all these types of things and I think one of the things that has to be addressed is that when we actually get in there and see behind the scenes a lot of the times, things are not as advertised. There are a lot of assets out there that are fundamentally wrong and broken, and CEOS are lying to their shareholders about it and I think something needs to be addressed. 43-101 attempts to do it, but it’s still not working.”

Daniela Cambone: “So, too much promotion?”

Nolan Watson: “Promotion is a very nice way of saying what some of these people are doing with their assets. It’s lying, really.”
Thus speaks somebody who has learned from experience. And fair play, if Watson can come away from the Colossus debacle and put that knowledge to use it wasn’t all wasted money. Fact: Sandstorm has no position at all in Continental Gold.

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