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Saturday mailbag

Reader HA should really take up blogging, you’d be way good at it, my man. Here’s what your author received this morning from HA and there’s 100% agreement here:

mail title: Fwd: Tech Stocks Crushed, Gold Tanks, And The Dollar Gets Hammered: Here’s What You Need To Know

body: Business Insider is about as relevant to business as the Stockhouse Bullboards are to stockpicking. Why would you mention gold in a headline but not the article?  Just seems to reinforce the sky is falling meme. Did you hear gold might break $1300? Oh my Gawd!    


Yep, the site run by the fraudster Henry Blodget is the biz equivalent of porn, but it does have its use as a contrary indicator. The more “gold tanks” headlines in the peanut galleries, the closer we are to a reverse and bounce.

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