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Screwtape on silver

When it comes to silver I do try, I really do. I even own some bullion. But the whole wingnut aspect to the silver market and the myopic permabull true believers that overpopulate the magical gun-totin’ freedom defending saviour’s world of silver, it’s really too much. All too often I find myself falling back to the default position of mocking the idiots because, quite frankly, they deserve little else (except perhaps some pity, which you won’t find on these pages).
Which is why articles like this one out of Screwtape Files, “Why Does The Price of Silver Matter?” should be read by as many people as possible because it’s about silver as an investment (perhaps speculative is better) vehicle and the connection between silver and governments by a smart, intelligent, experienced and reasonable market player who isn’t frothing into hyperbole, but does get to make a sensible point. Go read it too.

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