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Sean Roosen needs to fire his IR people

This is funny:

What happens when you work on news releases by committee and the person in charge of writing the headline is dumb as a rock and thinks their boss has already written it. If Roosen stopped obsessing about filling his obese body with calories all the time, he might be able to control his company better than this.

UPDATE: Apparently, the numbskulls at OSK have been doing this type of pablum for more than one NR! It beggars belief they think this is a positive for the company, don’t they realize how doltish they look? It also testament to the tiny audience for these NRs, they think some dumb in-joke is a smart move but it doesn’t even enter their heads how stupid that must look to any new eyes on the sector. This is so asinine it makes the Regulus IR team look professional, if you need a microcosm of the idiocy that is ruining the Canadian mining industry look no further. Oh, Canada…

P.S. And if you are another of the indignant, led-by-the-nose braindead consumers of rules who feels like leaving a comment about my use of fat-shaming (I’m not btw), do your neurons a favour by reading the previous debate on exactly the same subject, entitled “Morbidly Obese CEOs”. And then, one day, make the effort and grow up one time.


    I think you’ve missed the joke Otto… take a look at the last few press-releases… it’s been going on for awhile…


    Stupid titles aside, you look like a dumbass arrogant asshole duchebag ripping on someone because they are overweight. Maybe he suffers from thyroid cancer you fuckstick. You are about as bad as Trump- you could do great things and be respected if you weren’t so full of yourself and could keep your fucking mouth shut.


      Ah, the language becomes you. This is simple (it needs to be to get through to you); As the morbidly obese are not even capable of controlling the movement of their own hand to their own mouth, they cannot be trusted with control of a public company. Eat what you want in private, I don’t care, I’m not trying to make friends or cater to you foul-mouthed snowflakes, you get straight-shot politically incorrect reality here.




        All addictions that take time away from the prize.

        I worked for 3 years with a successful promoter, all three caught up at the same time


    At first read, I assumed Otto had just added that “Insert Superlative Here” tag line. Then I open the release and OMG its no joke. Embarrassing and just downright stupid. Shocked that the board is ok with this. If they want to be funny, have the Chair Roosen go on “Dancing with the Stars” and flop around on stage. Now that would be funny.


    No matter how you slice it, Roosen has an impressive track record and is the ultimate can do C-suite guy besides Friedland. No BS. I don’t give a f*ck about his personal health, most mining execs are alcoholics anyway. Just make me money.


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