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Selling bullion in the main gold ETF(GLD)

GLD is the reference point of the bullion ETFs. Here are a couple of charts of its bullion holdings. This from 2013 onwards…
…shows the nasty liquidation of bullion we all know about (in hindsight) and the flattening out of the drop in 2014. But this year has been interesting one so far, because once January was out the way there was the start of a rebound beginning to show. However the last few days have seen that trend fall off, as this 2014 to date chart explains:
NB: Please note the cut-down Y-axes in both charts, done for 
illustrative purposes, not to fool you in true Fox News Style
Yesterday GLD holdings dipped back under 800 tonnes Au for the first time since February 21st. So now you know. All data from here

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