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Serafino Iacono’s Gran Colombia Gold (GCM.to): Contrary to the vicious and unfounded rumours…

…being sent in from Colombia by mailers, we here at IKN would like to clearly state that it is NOT Serafino Iacono’s fault that his junior mining company, Gran Colombia Gold (GCM.to), is at new 52 week and all-time lows this morning.

We do NOT agree with the scandalous things being said about Señor Iacono. In fact we applaud the fact that he’s out there showing off his wealth and peer status at late night social gatherings…after all, what’s the point in being rich if you can’t enjoy it?
And while we’re at it, it’s best to point out that the awful performance of GCM.to stock isn’t Frank Giustra’s fault, either. Nor is it Gordon Keep’s fault. Neither is it the SEC-banned paid pumper Thom Calandra’s fault. Nor is it the people of the town of Frontino who are to blame. It’s just plain unlucky, that’s all. Markets are like that sometimes.

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