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Sexsomnia and the moral superiority of mining executives

Karl Antonius of Mandalay Resources and Boreal Metals (among others), you are today’s most interesting story in The Vancouver Sun:

On Monday, Karl Richard Antonius called several witnesses, including
his mother and a girlfriend, to testify about sleeping issues he claims
to have experienced throughout his life.
He’s expected to argue
that at the time of the alleged 2015 assault, he had sexsomnia, a
condition in which a person behaves very much like someone sleepwalking
and therefore is acting involuntarily and not responsible for their
In April, the complainant, who cannot be identified due
to a publication ban, testified that she was sexually assaulted during a
blind date with Antonius.
They had gone to several locations
before she lost her keys and Antonius suggested that they go back to his
“work” apartment at the Fairmont Pacific Rim luxury hotel in Vancouver.
maintains that she had no interest in having sex with him and it was
late and she just wanted to get some sleep before she dealt with the
issue of her missing keys.
The alleged victim testified that
Antonius gave her some shorts and a T-shirt to change into and she went
to bed before he tried to climb into bed with her, groping her.
said she swatted his hand away and said no and then fell asleep but was
awoken to him engaging in sexual intercourse that she claimed was
Antonius, who is expected to testify later this
week, called several witnesses to testify Monday about issues he has had
with sleep, including eating, walking and talking while he’s asleep.

Full report here and it’s well worth checking out the details, just to see how far an asshole like this is capable of going in order to cover up his pathetic life. One has to wonder whether things may have turned out better for the Cerro Bayo mine, flooded and ruined in 2017, if the Mandalay C-Suite were more interested in its operation and less interested in banging 20yo chicks on luxury yachts and in luxury hotels around the world. We will likely never know…

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