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Shame on you for voting Donald Trump

Shame on you.

“…prosecutors said the charges “involve active participation in an insurrection attempting to violently overthrow the United States government,” and warned that “the insurrection is still in progress” as law enforcement prepares for more demonstrations in Washington and state capitals.”


    shame on you to discredit donald trump. you never had a better president


      A Trump supporter talking about shame, how ironic. If it were up to you, he’d be president for 40 years, not 4. A tin pot dictator takes over the world’s greatest democracy and morons like you welcome it.


        someone who calls his readers a moroon is not worth having many readers. You won’t have many and II know I’m under no obligation to read. I’ll follow you for quite a while. known as someone who talks about mining. Very skeptical last year. sarcasm even. Are you stuck with promising yourself not to invest in silver? What went wrong ? Beware: talking about alu hats can already have the wrong impact on weaker people


      Trump is leaving with the lowest average popularity of any president in living memory, and the only one who never broke over 50% approval.

      The people who support him love him to bits, and they are very vocal. But they were always in the minority. Time to step out of the bubble and face reality.


      (2nd post attempt)

      The numbers are in and Trump is leaving office with the lowest average approval rating in living memory across his entire term, and the only recent president never to break over 50%. Trump’s supporters love him to bits and they are very vocal. But they were always in the minority.

      Time to step out of right-wing media bubble and look around.

    ralph Wilsonville 15/01/21 10:23 am


    you really ought not to speak on things that you’re that far removed from reality.


    A lot of fools participated in this, but the claims in this article seem rather, eh, trumped up.


    Two days ago reader “Nick” posted a question about SAND. But instead of taking 30 seconds to answer a question about an actual gold streaming company from a possible customer – if not already a paying subscriber – you spent your time on this unity-building imitation of Kathy Griffin. Way to keep your eye on the ball.


    Otto you have drank the koolaid, the capitol riot was 100% lead and pre planned by leftist activists , see https://www.zerohedge.com/political/rush-judgment-trump-multiple-leftists-arrested-capitol-riot , also the few actual trump people in the capitol building were invited in with open doors and told they can visit and were behind the velvet ropes just walking and taking snaps.


      1) Trump and his supporters organize the crowd.
      2) They talk about it for weeks on right-wing social media.
      3) The crowd is bused in on vehicles paid for by Republicans.
      4) Trump tells the crowd to fight.
      5) Trump tells the crowd to go to the Capitol building.
      6) The crowd is wearing Trump MAGA hats and flying Trump flags.
      7) The crowd attacks the Capitol.
      8) They brag about fighting for Trump on social media.
      9) Now they are asking Trump for pardons.
      10) ANTIFA!


    Technically the US is a constitional federal republic (this comes from the US Embassy in Argentina’s site) and not a democracy.


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