Take physic, pomp


So some US politico introduces a law project that would ban all mining from the You Ess of Ay. Manna from heaven for Jim Sinclair and the other wingnut shillers, but please…..gimme a break on this….are you honestly even thinking about considering to take this one seriously?

The USA couldn’t push through its silly attempt to raise royalties to 8% or something last year. How the devil will it do a full nuclear on the mean, nasty miners and stop them working altogether? The ban ’em all brigade couldn’t even cut the mustard in Ecuador, which was really its best chance ever. Look, it’s quite amusing that you guys up there have a system which allows a single politician to throw these madcap ideas into the machine and get him or herself a bit of publicity, but really, that’s as far as we go on this. Can we leave this to Mr. Sinclair and his flock now, please?

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