Trifles light as air

Shock Headline! Can of Corn Zeds pump Minera Andes! Suited Analyst Talks Book of Failing Reco! Short-Term Upmove Expected!

Jeesh, these guys are so predictable you can set your clock by them. IKN may begin a new series entitled “The Zed Fade” if this keeps up. Here’s the pumpo excerpted in this morning’s CanOfCorn Morning Coffee:

Minera Andes* (MAI : TSX : $0.97), Net Change: 0.11, % Change: 12.79%, Volume: 1,553,939 

Minera Andes: Its San Jose operation (49% MAI, 51% Hochschild) in Argentina continues to ramp up to full production. H1/10 is believed to have been the weaker half of the year as operational improvements were implemented, leading to the second half of the year carrying the better overall production. For FY10, Canaccord Genuity is expecting 192,000 oz AuEq from San Jose (49% MAI). This translates to just under 100,000 oz AuEq net to Minera Andes that at current Au Ag prices could translate to over $50 million in operating cash flow. Based on Canaccord Genuity’s price to cash flow (2011) basis Minera is trading at about 4.0x versus many peers that range from 8x to 15x cash flow. The company also owns 100% of a large Cu porphyry system (Los Azules) and maintains an excellent portfolio of Au Ag exploration ground in Argentina. Note: This portfolio is in the vicinity of Andean”

IKN back. MAI is marking up $1.00 in the pre-mkt right now (time of writing 8am). I kinda knew I’d likely be leaving $$ on the table by selling my MAI.to on Friday, but it’s ok. For one thing I’ve made my moolah on the trade and for another I much prefer buying when the shepherds like them there Zeds are all STFU and selling when they are flogging the dead horses. A good trading philosophy doesn’t get you out at the exact high points of any single trade, but it does make you a winning trader in the long term. Which do you prefer?

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