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Shock news from The World Gold Council

Jawdropping headline du jour comes from Marcus Grubb, managing director of investments at The World Gold Council (WGC):

Central banks right to increase gold holdings above 40%, says WGC

INTERNATIONAL. Central banks may be justified in increasing their gold holdings to 40%-50% of their reserves, a senior executive of the industry-funded World Gold Council said on Thursday.

Grubb: ‘Central banks are justified in having high gold weightings. They are justified in having a 40%-50% weighting in gold”……”It is not only about the dollar, not only about diversification, but also about future inflation.” CONTINUES HERE

¡¡¡In Other News!!!
  • The World Beer Council announces that people are right to drink more beer.
  • The World Lard Promotion Society says eating lard is good for you and we should do it all the time.
  • The World Car Chamber thinks that buying more cars is a jolly good idea, actually.
  • The World Banana Growers Association suggests that eating two bananas per day is better for you than eating just one.
  • The World League for Pornography applauds the increased consumption shown for its product in the last 12 months and unveils its innovative “Watch More Porn Now!” campaign aimed at teenage males using the internet.
  • The World Assassins Group points to clear evidence that high murder rates stimulate the economies of emerging nations.

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