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Shock! Surprise! Gasp! Copper Fox (CUU.v) delays publication of its feasibility study

Here’s the NR, in which the serial bullshitters at Copper Fox (CUU.v) don’t even have the common decency to set a new date for the publication of its waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue feasibility study for Schaft Creek.
At this point, it’s worth considering just why CUU is so un-keen about getting its feas published. It’s all to do with Teck’s back-in, y’see, because as soon as the feas is delivered, Teck has 120 days to decide what it wants to do with its option. If, as is most likely for this overhyped, overvalued high capex piece of enhanced moose pasture, Teck decides to refuse the back-in option then the game is up for CUU. So by delaying publication of the feas, CUU gets to pay itself another quarter’s (or two…or three, hey why not guys?) worth of salaries. And hey, if it plays its cards right it might even be able to squeeze another one of those $4m placements out of its sugardaddy Ernesto.

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