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Shocker! Three LatAm ex-Presidents tell the WSJ: “Evo Morales was right about drugs all along”

Well they didn’t actually put it into those exact words, but it works out the same.

Here’s the link to the WSJ op-ed piece jointly written by Brazil’s Henrique Cardoso, Mexico’s Ernesto Zedilla and Colombia’s César Gaviria, all ex-Presidents of their respective countries. It’s pretty remarkable that the general terms of their criticisms and their plans to improve the “war against drugs” (as you guys up there insist on calling it) are almost identical those those of Bolivia’s President Morales. Including:

  • A better attitude taken towards users/addicts
  • Education as the best means of combatting the problem in LatAm
  • Eradication no longer the cornerstone of policy (the phrase used couldn’t be clearer: “Prohibitionist policies based on eradication, interdiction and criminalization of consumption simply haven’t worked.”)
  • etc

And just in case you’re not certain where the blame lies, they make it easy for all.

“The revision of U.S.-inspired drug policies is urgent in light of the rising levels of violence and corruption associated with narcotics.”
Your eye-rolling Otto wholeheartedly agrees with this joint message but couldn’t help noting two things while reading today. Firstly, where the hell were these people during the Bush admin and why have they suddenly both the courage and the copy space in the WSJ to explain things that have seemed obvious to us down here for quite some time? Secondly, this might even work; the childlike political ego of the USA could never accept these basic commonsense ideas from the Axis of Evo, but “elder statesmen” give the States a chance to change tack without losing face.

Ok, whatever, but back in realpolitikworld there’s an opportunity here to open solid debate about how to tackle this serious problem affecting every country in the Americas. Ready to face facts yet, gringos?

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