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Short and boring post on comments

Ever since this desk drew attention to a long-standing fact, that Bob Moriarty hates Jewish people and has an ongoing agenda of hate against them, this blog has had to field, flag and spam increasing numbers of religious hate speech in the comments section. This, combined with the current silver pump disguised as a short squeeze, saw yesterday a large uptick in the amount of filth these Moriarty loving racist goons decided to leave under post comments (my best guess is the uptick is also connected with macho jock triumphalism; they finally got the chance to swing their dicks after their glorious dictator was thrown out of the White House and found a release for all that pent-up anger instead of masturbating again, but that’s another story).

So anyway, back to the reason for this post and yesterday, I turned comments onto Moderated only. That stopped a good dozen comments filled with bile about Jews, Islam and all sorts of other rubbish from appearing here, but it’s not the ideal and there are people who use the comments section well. As such, comments are now back to their normal setting but there are new rules:

  • I will bin any comment I feel is remotely connected to your religious bias and hatred and while we are here, be clear that you Moriarty-loving bigots will only improve this planet on the day you die. And when I say anything I mean anything, including the special code words you morons use.
  • You start trolling the site with repeated messages, no matter what the subject of the post might be, your comment is binned. A good time to remind you the comments section isn’t a chatroom, free speech is a myth and if you don’t like other people’s rules, go away and don’t come back.
  • I no longer warn about bad language, use it and your comment is removed, period. If you cannot string four lines of script together without using one your opinion is worthless anyway. Far too many dumb people need a lesson in manners, consider yourself as one of them.

Let’s see if the troglodytes reappear.

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