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Shutting stable door after horse bolts, Primero Mining (PPP) (P.to) edition

Today, this humble corner of cyberspace notes with wry amusement that Primero Mining (PPP) (P.to) has appointed one Patricia Fortier, a Canadian career diplomat, to its board of directors. We also note her long experience, her excellent qualifications and we are sure that she’s a leading member of her chosen profession.
However, your humble scribe cannot help but think that such diplomatic nous might have been extremely useful back in February 2016 when the company made the absolutely indefensible and utterly insane decision to take the host country of its biggest mining operation to an International Tribunal court within a matter of months of the dispute with its tax authority beginning. As Ms Fortier is a Spanish speaker among her other undoubted diplomatic skills, it would seem part of her brief will be to untangle the unholy mess her fellow board members have created via their crass stupidity.

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