Win us with honest trifles

Silence is golden at Regulus Resources (REG.v)

Or is it copper/golden? Or golden/copper? What’s the next marketing plan?

How the masks have slipped, do you remember too how these jokers would boast about being available to talk through any weak points, all in order to make them strong? They’ve turned into cowards, cowering in silence, afraid to tell the truth. The one time their shareholders are desperate for information on the country and they run away like scared little boys and girls.


    Do you think this has any chance of success when election turns out favorably?
    What would need to happen to improve things to make success likely?


    They’re now cooking up Fomalhaut Resources (FOMO.V). Plan at this moment is cobalt/rhodium. No more time for Regulus, Aldebaran, or Antares.


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