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Silver becomes a window on explorecos’ true objectives

Perhaps the most useful side-effect of this sudden (and what will ultimately be remembered as very temporary) silver pump disguised as a short squeeze, is observing how many junior miners immediately drop the pretense of trying to come across as a serious company working in favour of all stakeholders. Instead, lightning fast jumps by no end of unrelated explorecos onto this silver bandwagon make it clear to one and all the true motives of the pigs running these fake companies. Example:

Cerro de Pasco Resources Provides Maiden Resource Estimate for Excelsior Stockpile Containing an Inferred Mineral Resource of 31.48 Million Silver Ounces

Remember when Cerro de Pasco Resources (CDPR) ran its, “Oh we are the environmental play…the clean-up play…the zinc recovery and profit play while improving the pollution disaster play“. Not any more, CDPR is now and suddenly a silver company! Red flag this balderdash and all who do the same, they do not give a Tinker’s Cuss about you, they just want to take your money and not give it back. How you idiots on Twitter can take Neil Ringdahl seriously after this prize joke of an NR is beyond me, burn all these fake scam mining companies with fire.

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    Any time a junior company resurrects the name of a famous legacy company, that should send up 10 red flags.


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