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Silvio Berlusconi is an offensive turd

Berlusconi: Now you know why he owns a Ferrari

Berlusconi is one of the few people on this planet I’d happily punch in the mouth to teach a few lessons in manners. There’s little point trying to converse or debate with this so-called Prime Minister and representative of the Italian people.

Forget all the “tanned” jokes aimed at Obama, because his level of depravity goes much deeper. Silvio’s idea of a joke this week is to talk about the Argentine Death Flights. By way of a quick outline, during the 1970’s ‘dirty war’ when tens of thousands of people were murdered by the state one of the ways in which dissidents both alive (usually drugged) and dead were disposed of was to fly military planes over the Rio de la Plata and dump the bodies out the back. These people are not called the disappeared for nothing, you know.

So, Berlusconi’s words this week? Talking specifically about the Dirty War and the body dumping he said, “The days were beautiful (back then), it made them descend from the skies”, an ironic use of “them” to refer to angels, it seems, all delivered with that smarmy grin of his.

This is his idea of a joke? For crying out loud, this man should come over to this side of the Atlantic, stand up in front of all the families torn apart by the fascist dictatorship of the period and try telling that cracker. Have a wild guess about the reception he’d get.

Silvio Berlusconi: Prize Shit.

UPDATE: For those tuning in from Facebook in Italy and wringing their hands in mock horror, here’s what Argentina thinks of your pathetic PM

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