Take physic, pomp

Simon Romero Watch (quite literally)

Otto’s spies bring news from the highlands of Peru, where NYT hack and Latin America’s worst journalist, Simon Romero, was spotted in Cusco’s swanky restaurant “Fallen Angel” over the weekend.

Not an eatery for the thin-of-wallet (U$12 for a Bloody Mary, when 40% of the country lives on U$2 per day…get the picture?), Romero apparently enjoyed his steak (the tables are glass topped fishtanks, which is kind of trippy), the ceiling decorations (that celebrate the day when Romero actually writes a factually correct report about Latin America)……

….and particularly the live cabaret put on by the restaurant owners.

From there Otto’s spies lost track of the wordsmith, but it is assumed he sallied forth to one of the many local nightclubs where free samples of local produce are readily available.

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