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SIP on Peru’s freedom of speech

The “Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa” (SIP), the big, influential, independent (yes, it is) media rights watchdog in LatAm, published its first report on the situation in Peru yesterday and, under the sub-header explaining that the last six months in Peru have been the worst for press freedom in the last 20 years, offers these (translated) words of warning about the country under an eventual Pedro Castillo/Perú Libre government:

“…the plan of government of Perú Libre, the party with which presidential candidate Pedro Castillo won first place in the first round election, dedicates five pages to proposals that imply absolute changes in the rules of the game for freedom of expression and for privately-owned media channels, from State-publicity campaigns and the obligatory inscription of all journalists into a syndicate, even that some ministries approve the content of TV and radio channels. The plan makes constant references to the actions of Rafael Correa, The Kirchners, Fidel Castro and Lenin when faced with the communications media of their countries. It also states that the SIP represents the interests of economic and business finance groups in The Americas, which is why the country (Peru) should be “made independent” from this organization.”

So now you know. Whole thing in Spanish here.

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