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Small-minded Canadian idiot of the day

That you have a different view to Colossus Minerals is fine by me. You like it, I don’t like it, so be it. However, the actions of shareholders in the stock just gives me further suspicion to doubt the wellbeing of the company. This afternoon a Toronto resident (I’ll keep the exact name and IP number to myself for the moment) clicked through from a link left by A.N Other on Stockhouse and read this post that mapped out how insider Pat DiCapo recent sold a large lump of stock at a very nice price. The IKN visitor can’t have liked reading some facts about Colossus that didn’t tally with their version of reality because the visitor then proceeded to click 10 Adsense links found on that page in the space of three minutes and 25 seconds. For those of you who don’t know, this is a tactic used by blackhat cybertrollers to get Google to ban Adsense from a website, as the person (or sometimes people) tries to make it look like the site is collecting illegal clicks.

I mean, how smallminded can you get? Just shows you the kind of trash that heavily hyped stocks like Colossus can attract, doesn’t it?

Anyway, no harm done here. Unsurprisingly it’s not the first time that IKN has attracted this kind of pondslime reaction from visitors. The remedy is quick and easy, and so far I’ve contacted Google to tell them to ignore the adsense clicks and I’ve also contacted Stockhouse and told them the exact time and place of the clickthru. I understand SH has a strict policy about these things and will ban the person if they turn out to be a member.

Petty blogger’s rant completed. Thank you for bearing with me.

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