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Small Silvers, year to date update (August)

To make things a little more orderly, we’re going to update on our regularly tracked basket of 10 silver tickers at the end of each month. Come December we’ll have the winning winner, but until then here’s how they stand in chart form.
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Leading the pack is still U.S. Silver (USA.v) (we applaud) but the biggest change we see on the list now is a more general one. Plenty of our small silver names have gone into the green on the year and are also beating out our benchmark silver ETF (SLV) ticker that tracks the metal itself accurately. So we now have the following five officially doing well in 2010:

1) U.S. Silver (USA.v)
2) Bear Creek (BCM.v)
3) MAG Silver (MAG.to)
4) First Majestic (FR.to)
5) Fortuna Silver (FVI.to)

Then (just behind FVI) comes SLV, with under that the four tickers still in the red for 2010. The rolecall of shame is:

7) Endeavour (EDR.to)
8) ECU Silver (ECU.to)
9) Impact (IPT.v)
10) Great Panther (GPR.to)

So congratulations to that paragon of the mining community Mexico Mike Kachanovsky, as his paycheck providers at ECU aren’t in last place any longer and have only lost their shareholders nine percent or so this year. It must make your unrelenting paid pumpage of this dog seem all worthwhile, Mikey.

Next update end September.

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