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Small Silvers, year to date update

So after running a pretty sad looking five day chart on the small silvers earlier this week, your humble scribe gets a “Hey, how they doing YTD, Otto? How about an update?” mail from reader ‘PT’ yesterday. Yep can do, we haven’t updated this one in a while, so here goes:
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Top spot is held by US Silver (USA.v). Although only 15% up YTD and way off the kind of returns this little basket of small silver producers were returning last year, that’s a pretty fair performance in the face of some serious sector headwinds.

Number two post is significant. The silver bullion ETF (SLV) has outperformed all the producers on the list bar USA.v, which doesn’t bode well at all, really. Third and fourth (well, a virtual tie) come MAG Silver (MAG.to) (MVG) and Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v).

All the rest are showing negative so far this year. Gulp. Worst of the lot is Great Panther (GPR.to), down over 20%. This goes to show you exactly how much stock scamster Jonathan Lebed knows.

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