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SmallCaps 2009

Every year around this time, Canaccord publishes its list of twenty small cap miners to follow in 2009. It’s always a funny (haha & peculiar) list and often shows just how little they really know about LatAm. For example, last year they reco’d Ascendant Copper as a pennyplay when anyone with knowledge of the Ecuador mining scene knew that the company was bigtime toast.

This year (and quite impressively), Can’o’corn has already put its foot in it somewhat with the choice of Condor Resurces (CN.v), as on the very same day that the SmallCaps2009 came out CN.v reported dusters from its Brahma project in Chile. And even though it may be the second semi-non sequitur of the morning it makes me feel like quoting Oscar Wilde: “To lose one parent, Mr Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

So anyway, here’s the list of the twenty stocks Can’o’corn has highlighted this year. You’ll note quite a few are just the company talking its own book (the dreadful ITH, for example), some are actually quite interesting as picks (an e-mail friend and I have already noted the intruiging GUY.to has been included, and my e-mail friend noted that Can’o’corn won’t have a cat in hell’s chance of getting any financing action there so it’s fun to see it included)

Banro Corp, Brilliant Mining Corp, Condor Resources Inc, Diamonds North Resources Inc. Extract Resources Ltd, Fortress Minerals Corp, Golden Arrow Resources Corp, Guyana Goldfields Inc, Helio Resource Corp, Intl. Royalty Corp, Intl. Tower Hill Mines Ltd, Keegan Resources Inc, Kivalliq Energy Corp, Lumina Copper Corp, Peregrine Diamonds Limited, Rubicon Minerals Corp, Serengeti Resources Inc, Underworld Resources Inc, Uracan Resources Ltd, West Timmins Mining Inc.

Finally, added to the team headed up by the acceptable Wendell Zerb this year is Eric Zaunscherb, the guy who helped rip off the market with his moronic Aurelian calls while at Haywood (from where he “was resigned” some weeks later) and a few days after getting the stock and the politics totally wrong decided to rip off my own blog thoughts on Ecuador and Aurelian as his own. Fortunately Zaunscherb has been limited to coverage of Canada-based miners by his new employers; a relief all round, I’d venture.

So how can you get your hands on a copy of this 2009 smallcaps report? I have no idea, but maybe clicking on this link might help.

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