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sneakydeaky quiztime

Soooo…think you know your LatAm? Well here’s today’s sneakydeaky quiz that’s sure to test your brain, attention span and boredom limit.

Pretty simple, really. Below we have five charts showing the annual recorded inflation rates of five different Latin American countries, and all you have to do is work out which country is which chart. As a couple of hints, pay attention to the LH scale and also remember this does not show the smooth transition of a YoY monthly annualized chart…this is the straight plain vanilla final score inflation recorded by the country in question’s central bank in every given year (yep, they be all official numbers…i looked ’em up and that). Oh, and click on the charts to make them bigger….it might help.

If you think you know all five, send your answers to my mail address; otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com. First prize is a night out with Susana Giménez*. Second prize is two nights out with Susana Giménez**. And if you’re too chicken to write in, I’ll be posting up the right answers Wednesday 19th March. Toodle pip!

* or I’ll get the beers in when we meet
** or I’ll get a beer in when we meet

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