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So, getting back to the legal bullies running Curis Resources (CUV.to)

Last week we gave Curis Resources’ CEO the right to reply after our first post on the matter of his company’s (and serial legal SLAPP bullboys HDI, controlling group behind CUV.to) decision to file suit against a poster of Stockhouse who goes by a handle ‘erinG’. Here’s a chart that shows the last three months of CUV.to share price action, with a couple of notes besides.
Yes, on May 6th 2012 (after after holding for a considerable period) respected and well-followed newsletter writer Brent Cook folded on his CUV.to position. The next day, May 7th, 289,800 shares traded as low as 65c 64c (ty commenter). But even those who got out at the worst of the “all out the door same time” selling rush on Cook’s call are doing better than the current PPS which stands at 60c.
But apparently, the sell-off is due to an anonymous poster on a freakin pisspoor bullboard that nobody in their right mind could ever imagine as a prime driver of share price action. Even though that’s the only significant day of volume since January (2nd best was 125k traded on March 28th, all other trading days since Feb 6th are sub 100k). And of course, we note that since the legal action was made public CUV.to has seen another 10c shaved off its PPS. Who are HDI going to blame for that? Me? If they do, then c’mon boys, slap one of those lawsuits on my tush too. I’m sure it’ll make you feel a lot better.

PS: An open message to “erinG”, whoever s/he may be. I understand you’ve been banned from Stockhouse so if you still want to get your side of the story published, I’ll happily make space for anything you’d care to put into print. After all, if the CUV.to bullyboys get space here at IKN no reason why you can’t have some either. And I guarantee you’ll get far more eyeballs (and ones that actually matter) on your script than you would at Stockhouse.

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