Take physic, pomp

So how are the current open positions in The IKN Weekly “Stocks to Follow” list going, Otto?

Well, they’re looking like this:

Ranking date recommended percentage gain at 28 Sep 2010
1 dec-09 202.8%
2 may-09 200.0%
3 may-09 198.3%
4 aug-09 114.3%
5 mar-10 101.4%
6 aug-10 59.9%
7 jun-10 46.3%
8 sep-10 14.5%
9 sep-10 13.2%
10 apr-10 11.3%
11 may-09 3.8%
12 may-09 -31.1%
13 may-10 -36.6%

There are currently 13 stocks as open recos on the list and here they are in order of achievement, as at today 28th September intraday. Please note the dates recommended, because some of the lesser achievers have popped nicely since being added very recently. Also please note the two losers on the list, because nobody’s perfect.
Finally, of the 13 stocks we recommend, three of those come as “Top Pick” recommendations. All three of those are showing as 100% or more winners.

UPDATE: To answer a mailer, yes they’re all tracked from day one with clear accounting. Also, all changes are noted every week in table form…there’s nothing to hide. In addition, so far this year we’ve closed 17 other trades (we only allow a maximum of 15 open trades at any one time). Of those17, 12 were winners and 5 losers.

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