Take physic, pomp

“So how was the reaction to ‘The IKN Weekly’, Otto?”

I’ve had that question quite a lot over the last 48 hours. The answer is “pretty darned good”, in fact and it’s been pleasing for me to hear that people really have extracted value from the first issue. Overall it’s been general positive noises (even outright praise) and importantly some solid, constructive comments from subscribers that should help me add more value going forward (if any subscribers would like to add a word in the comments section of this post, don’t let me stop you 🙂.

This week’s issue is just starting to take shape (in my brain at least, which is why it occurred to me to write this post) and I’ve started to put together the political comments section for Issue Two which goes out Sunday. Also part of this week’s issue will be a NOBS report on Minera Andes (MAI.to) and to give the 99.9999996% of the human race that hasn’t signed up a further reason to join, if you get on board now I’ll send Issue One of ‘The IKN Weekly’ over as well. Hey….just trying a pitch…gimme a break, yeah?

For further details of the service, what it contains, how it can benefit you as a mining sector investor and how to sign up, please check this link to the original announcement post. At $25 per month and with easy unsubscription if you don’t like the service, there’s not much in the way of risk.

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