To quit this horrid act

So I get these mails from Regulus (REG.v) shareholders…

…some of them worried about the price action, others asking whether this is a good buying opportunity, some just slightly mystified with its weak performance recently. So even though I’d already wrote things that were nice and clear on the subject, such as this in IKN432 dated August 27th, which was after the big pop the stock enjoyed from the recent drill results…
I sat down with the REG guys 10 days ago, one of the things I said is that I’d
be surprised if the stock didn’t go under $2.00 again and to that, they didn’t
bat an eyelid. At the time it was trading thinly at $2.20, so it wasn’t that
far away, not only that but I didn’t expect the strong move higher we saw last
week. I’ll stick to that prediction…”
…all the same I decided to do something about the mails and the worries shareholders might have. So this afternoon sat down for more than an hour with REG CEO John Black along with two other directors of REG.v and asked them a whole bunch of questions.
The bottom line: Absolutely nothing wrong with the company, the project, the collaborative agreement with Coimolache or anything else you can imagine. Next drill results out November. More details in IKN441 on Sunday.

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