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So I get this mail from Michael Ballanger…

…this Friday evening. It’s entitled “Gloves are fucking off, dickhead/” (why the slash is there at the end is beyond me) in which Ballanger sends me what he threatens to publish in some place or another tonight. So let’s just put it here and save him the bother.
Needless to say, he has many facts wrong. He does have my real name correct, but things like original place of residence, charges of sexual abuse of minors (real or alleged), that i’m on the payroll of Bay St, that i get paid in options and cash to pump things etc etc etc are all false. And to be clear, the mail exchange he published did happen but it was only part of a much longer story and longer correspondence, Ballanger’s selective copypaste button is pretty wonderful.
Anyway, read what Michael Ballanger gets up to in his spare time while waiting for his IIROC hearing to come up. I particularly like the “friends in Lima” bit…so cute.


Gloves are fucking off, dickhead/
Going out tonight…
“Which brings me to the topic of this simploid human residing in hiding in South America – in fact – Peru. His name is Mark Turner and he was forced to flee to Peru to avoid charges (alleged, mind you) of abusing young girls in his native Nottinghamshire, England. He has a popular newsletter with interesting content called the IKNCOLANEWS which, as I understand it, comes from content he receives from the Bay St. analysts (mainly investment bankers) for whom he used to toil. He derives revenue from subscribers that love to read his garbage drivel about “slimeballs” but the reality is that he actually delivers his sub-par content from the bankers and analysts that pay him to pump their deals.
Now, when I was a consultant for Tinka Resources Ltd., I sent Mark a complimentary email that was totally sincere in its intent in that it communicated the Ayawilca “story” that I had been telling since 2011, when we first made the Ayawilca discovery. Here is the exchange:
MJB: Mark – Thank you for the superb report you did on Tinka. It was the best analysis I have read to date on our project.
Mark: Mike – I don’t give a FUCK what you think of my report. And no you cannot send it out to your “list”.

Here is another classic “Otto Rock” lie from the hinterlands of blogosphere bullshit:
“First we have long-time market scamster Marin Katusa pumping Northern Dynasty’s Pebble project, preying on the ignorance of naive mining greenhorns with more money than sense, with the whole thrust of this crazy pump being “Trump will award the permits”. Now we have another scumball on the bandwagon, Michael Ballanger over at The Gold Report trying to make the case for NadaGold’s Donlin gold project, also in Alaska…”
Notwithstanding the fact that Mark made a mistake in being a liar, he was totally in error in suggesting that I was EVER behind NAK (which I wasn’t EVER). Now, when I asked him to retract, he further decided to go off on a tangent and tell the “world” that I was wrong. He is the first to go off on his dogshit “blog” that “whenever this humble scribe is wrong”, he owns up to it.
He doesn’t. He is dishonest. His newsletter is not his content. His newsletter is really investment bankers from Toronto pumping their deals.
More to come next week. Gloves are off. We have friends in Lima that know Mark and they are NOT his friend. The old Tinka gang before GC and Alvaro bowed down to HIS BS. The options and cash will be revealed in the next email.
And this is being CC’d to the friends in Lima. Who know you.
Did I EVER write up NAK?
Answer the question, dickhead. IN FUCKING PRINT.
Your friend,
“Sour grapes, Mikey”


PS: And here’s what I replied to Michael Ballanger, a couple of minutes after this post went up:

It’s already out. See blog.

Have a great weekend.

On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 22:05, Michael Ballanger mballanger@rogers.com wrote:

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