Take physic, pomp

So I get this message from a short seller firm…

…this morning, quite a well-known one in fact, that said (quote) “When you have a minute to chat I want to run something by you“. I think fine and replied “Tell me”. Just a couple of minutes later the phone rings and the representative of the short selling firm offers me a gig. What happens is that they would do the legwork on A.N. Other stock then send over the information, I would publish the info on the blog, presumably they are already short when they give me the juice, the stock goes down and as a result they would profit. The short selling firm would then pay me 20% of their proceeds for my time and effort. He also said that the firm in question already has this type of arrangement with other outlets, so I can only presume their business model works just fine. I told the person in question that I’d think about the offer. He can consider this post as my definitive reply and if he wants to push his luck, next time names will be named. 
IKN has always been, is and will remain utterly independent. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but always true and never dishonest.

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