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So I took down the advert advertising adverts last night…

…y’know, that blurb above that offered up the space for sale. I got enquiries from two non-miners in the end but after the second one it began to dawn on me that I don’t really want to take any old advertiser on the blog any more just for the money. After all, that’s what I had with Google Adsense all that time and it was one of the main reasons for getting rid of it.
So I’ll just leave the space empty from now on, or perhaps return that “what they’re saying about IKN” sillypiece. But I will say that as long as they want the slice of real estate I’m more than happy to have a site sponsor in Verdmont Capital. Not only does the company sector match what happens round here, but they have an excellent reputation and it’s good to hang around good people. And weirdly, the boss guy there seems to enjoy reading this humble corner of cyberspace (no accounting for taste, is there?).
End of another bit of in-house navel gazing. Getting bored yet?

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