Take physic, pomp

So many things to love about Gran Colombia Gold (GCM.to)…

…and this time, add “factual bullshit in news release title” to the pile. That’s because when GCM says, “Gran Colombia Gold Announces First Quarter 2014 Results; Reports Fourth Consecutive Quarterly Reduction in All-in Sustaining Costs” and then you go and look at the development of the all-in cash costs referred to in the pumpy headline, according to the company’s own filings…
…that claim about cash costs constantly dropping is just another crock of shit. Splitting hair over $4? Well maybe true, it’s not that big a difference but I’m only going on the company’s own filings and the way in which they just cannot be bothered to tell the truth when there’s a cool story to be spun. I mean, this time let’s not even go to trifling things like $10.28m in net losses, working cap deficit of $39m, financial debt of …ooh my stars that one’s really big. Let’s just stick with the fact that GCM can’t even tell the truth in its fucking news release headlines. 
Gotta love Serafino.

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