Take physic, pomp

So Michal Slawny of Seeking Alpha got back to me today….

…and sent me this. I really think it’s best that I don’t reply to her directly because…well, see for youself as I’ve highlighted her killer sentence in red:

Hi Otto,
You can always choose which articles you’d like to submit as exclusive content and which ones you’d like to submit as non-exclusive. If you submit your articles as non-exclusive you can post the articles on your site immediately and if you submit them as exclusive, you’ll know within approx. 6-8 hours whether they’ve been accepted or declined. If they’ve been declined you’re welcome to run the full piece on your blog. If they’re accepted as premium articles than you can post an up to a 250 word excerpt with a link back to the full article on Seeking Alpha.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have further questions.

Best, Michal


Ms. Michal Slawny

Contributor Relations Manager

Seeking Alpha

Oh well, that’s nice of them, isn’t it? If I join their scheme and allow them full and exclusive publishing rights to my work (emphasis on MY) and they don’t like what I’ve written, SA will graciously allow me to publish the reject guff on this grotty little corner of cyberspace. I mean, it’s not like I’m actually grovelling after them begging and pleading to get on their pay-peanuts-get-monkeys plan, these people are coming after me and my stuff that they read on this blog (which may well be an error of judgement on their part, but that’s the way it is). Seriously, WTF is this? I give up my independence and get the stunning chance to grow somebody else’s already overrated and bloated website for ten freakin’ bucks per 1000 views and they come at me like they’re doing me a favour?

So here’s an official IKN policy statement: If Seeking Alpha wants to vacuum up all the independent bizbloggers out there in the world of the interwebpipes and pay them a pittance to grow their empire they can kiss my hairy fat ass. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the only ones interested in this one-way-street of a scheme are the mediocrity and as a result, their already quality-challenged product gets watered down even further.

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