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So there’s this rumour about Capstone (CS.to)…

…and how they’ve either bought, or are in the process of closing, on the Mantos Copper project in Chile. The problem is getting a second line on the scuttlebutt, as usually the breaking news or scoops we run (e.g. KL recently) only get published if I can find a second source to confirm. This time is strange, though; The source is confident and has given solid intel previously but, even though the deal is in Chile and this desk knows plenty of people in the right places, nobody else has heard anything. Maybe there’s nothing to it, or maybe Orion and Capstone are waiting until after the election on Sunday, or maybe it’s false, so while being reasonably confident there’s not enough to be strident about the intel.

Has anyone else heard about it? Or knows enough to call BS on this post? If Capstone is buying the 70% that Mitsubishi doesn’t own, that’s a big deal on a project that is slated to produce over 100kmt of copper per year.


    No idea on the intel. Regardless, CS is a Buy.


    Speaking of M&A, and following on your recent comments about Calibre’s next M&A target possibly being Elevation Gold (formerly Northern Vertex)…

    Calibre just announced a new CFO/SVP effective November 29, David Splett. Mr. Splett happens to be Elevation Gold’s current CFO, and his LinkedIn page still reflects as such. So the CFO of this possible target is moving over to the possible acquirer. Could be nothing, but…


    CMMC is on the way down again. Let’s see how low it goes before the next run up over $4.


    Seems irregular for Capstone to take such a big stake, given their past strategy. However, they could be evolving.


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