More matter with less art

So what part of…

…”No major mining company with a nominally sane and rational board of directors that doesn’t want to suffer a proxy slate attack is going to commit upwards of three billion dollars to a major copper project in Argentina and it doesn’t matter how many fancy dancing ‘strategic reviews’ you do” do you not understand?
Seriously, if you were one of the accredited suckers investors that got the pump call from their Canadian thief in suit (alt title, ‘broker’) and was cajoled into taking on Lumina Copper (LCC.v) stock at $10 or above last month it’s time to change your investment advisor (term used very loosely), is it not?
And on the subject of today’s action in LCC.v, here’s a special message for reader and pal, Doug L:

Nuff said. (Best enjoyed with sound on, DL)

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