Take physic, pomp

So whatever makes you think the Twobreakfasts government is corrupt, Otto?

Francis James Allison (for it is he)
Oooooooooh…just an inkling of mine.

On November 5th (but the news just came out today), a dude named Francis James Allison Oyague was arrested in Miami airport. Now this guy just happened to be Minister of Housing in the Twobreakfasts government until very recently, when he was forced to resign because it turns out he had close links and dealings with a company called Business Track (BTR). By way of quick background, if you remember back to this IKN post in January it turned out that BTR were illegally phone-tapping all and sundry in Peruvian political and biz circles.

So, this Peruvian cabinet minister Allison had been collecting cash from a bunch of industrial spies before becoming minister. He “forgot” to mention the connection at the time, was found out and then resigned.

So that brings us up to this month when the Allison dude was arrested along with his wife by US ICE customs officials for contraband and false testimony as they tried to smuggle over U$50,000 in cash out of the USA stuffed in their pockets. Here’s a PDF link to the criminal complaint and it says that:

  • The limit of cash they could take out on their person was U$10,000 each
  • Allison and his wife knew this and also signed a statement on it
  • Officers made a routine inspection and found U$30,250 on the couple.
  • Therefore the officers made a more thorough search and found another U$20,000 on Allison’s person concealed in his inner jacket pockets.
  • The couple were then arrested (they were about to get on a plane to Peru (!) via Panama (!) but never made that final call) and have now been released on U$100,000 bail, which has been stumped up by a ‘family member living in Miami (oh, ain’t that just da lucky?)
Slush funds for governments anyone? This one could run and run.

UPDATE: Now the top story in El Comercio (and all other media) in Peru

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