Take physic, pomp

So what’s your favourite corrupt Peru narcostate story at the moment, Otto?

Good question. There are so many to choose from, you see.

It could be the one about Luis Valdez, the cocaine capo from the Ucayali region of Amazonian Peru who was shamefully found not guilty of murdering an investigative journalist earlier this year and today left prison to be held under house arrest at his luxurious Lima pad. He’s still charged with several other crimes, but when a rich dude gets to leave prison before any trial takes place the writing in on the wall in any Banana Republic.

It could be the latest twist in the long-running story of the biggest narco family in Peru, the Sanchez-Paredes family. They’ve just won another round in the courts to stop them ever getting arrested or going to trial. This family is up to its eyeballs in the white powder, but thanks to their large bank balances and APRA party buddies they just keep rolling along. The best reaction to last week’s ruling that froze the case against them in very dubious circumstances came from Peru’s main anti-drugs prosecutor who said,There are judges (in Peru) who are in cahoots with illegal activity and with organized crime“, which gets a big “No Shit Sherlock” from IKN.

No, the winner of best cocaine corruption story goes to this one cos we even get a video included. Underneath find the moving pictures, but first comes a direct translation of the report. Enjoy.

Shameful: Judge Frees Narcotrafficker and then Goes to Drink Beer With Him

Both were filmed in a bar in the town of Chachapoyas together with two police officers and the head of prison security, where the sentence for illegal trafficking of drugs was dropped.

Judge Edgar Víctor Gómez Quispe and the man he had just freed from a sentence for illegal drug trafficking, Teófilo Portocarrero Fernández, were found at a bar in Chachapoyas at the same table and with four bottles of beer.

Last July 16th at midday, the judge of the court of Penal liquidation in the province of Rodríguez de Mendoza of the High Court of Justice in the Amazonas (region of Peru) freed the drug runner on conditional bail. But four hours later, both were spotted by personnel from the Office of Control of the Magistrature (OCMA) drinking beer in a bar.

Also there were two police officers and the head of security at the prison where Portocarrero’s sentence had been overturned, according to the news program “24 Hours”.

“It’s a great disappointment for us to be faced by a situation of this nature, with a magistrate that does not have the qualities of integrity required. It cannot be right for a judge to drink alcoholic beverages with a prisoner”, said Enrique Mendoz, head of OCMA, who suspended judge Gómez and has begun an investigation into this grave error.


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