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Sociopath, proven liar and poor-quality footwear expert, Daryl Hodges becomes director of HPQ Silicon (HPQ.v)

Here’s the NR, here’s the text:

HPQ Silicon Appoints Industry Veteran Daryl Hodges To Board Of Directors

August 4, 2016 / TheNewswire / Montreal, Quebec, Canada – HPQ Silicon Resources Inc (“HPQ Silicon”) (TSX Venture: HPQ) (formerly Uragold) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Daryl Hodges to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Hodges brings over 35 years of extensive
capital markets experience and success on a global scale in the mining
industry. He was
a founding partner of Jennings Capital Inc. in 1999 and was integral in its growth to the 7th
largest independent investment dealer in Canada. From 2003 – 2010, he
was the Senior Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking.  From
2010 – 2013, he
served as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Jennings Capital, as well as Director of Jennings Capital (U.S.A.) Inc. Mr. Hodges is a geologist and currently serves as President of mining finance advisory firm, Ladykirk Capital Advisors.

About HPQ Silicon

Strange how they forgot to mention his time at Minera IRL, how he decimated that company through sheer greed, tried to strip all the assets out of the company then slapped a multitude of expensive lawsuits on the company when his bullying didn’t work, of course via his partner in crime Chuck Higgins of Fasken. I wonder why?
It does mention his time at Jennings, it doesn’t mention how he literally ruined Jennings Capital, causing their bankruptcy by his woeful management of the company and again, once it went wrong, he and Higgins wrapped the company up in lawsuits for years on end. Funny that, innit?
Then again, if a company like HPQ Silicon, formerly known as Uragold, then before that Uranium Bay Resources (gotta love those serial name-changers) really is desperate enough to put this excuse of a human being onto its board it tells you everything you need to know about them and their business opportunity.

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