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Sociopaths attract loyal subjects

Bird of a feather, flock together. Collin Kettell (too many Ls) has a fan, and because P.T. Barnum PhD works for the dead-eyed sociopath at New Found Gold (NFG.v) these days, his fan has also fallen in love with geology. And our anonymous* internet warrior has decided that IKN has told too many truths about Collin Kettell already:

B <brp7312@utulsa.edu>To:otto.rock1@gmail.comFri, 30 Oct at 09:00When the high grade surface mineralization connects at Keats and Lotto and it was found by Quinton and the guy you referred to as a sociopath and it is the discovery of this cycle, will you retire as a newsletter writer? 
I bet you wont even acknowledge how wrong you were.

The obsessive ones, the one that fantasize about stalkings, are the ones who pepper your mailbox. Here’s our friend’s mail from last night:

MAI has been crushed by that company you accused as a “pump job”.
MAI looks like a double top with lower highs, while the pump job keeps on going up.
But I guess thats why Im rich and you are a newsletter writer.

Those are not the only two mails this desk has received from “Barry”, merely the latest from yet another regular reader with special psychological needs. But fear not kind reader, IKN is used to its “special” readers and it’s par for the course over the years; the first few times they show up can be a little disconcerting, but even though they often own firearms and like talking about them in quiet tones, we normal people soon realize they are harmless. Then they go away, because once they have worked out their target for attack is a normal person, they move on to people they can manipulate, which could be you. Barry and his weird pals never fail to miss the blindingly obvious, from their insular, cotton-wool protected world world of white male fantasy that over a decade of exactly the same verbal abuse (just the words change) allows me the pleasure of laughing deeply and heartily at their originality and finely honed intellects. And now it’s your turn, we all get to enjoy “Barry” today.

*One thing that never changes; despite the 21st century having provided ample evidence to the contrary on a near-unlimited amount of cases, these people still think they are anonymous on the internet. There is no finer test for stupidity.

UPDATE: And another:

So u can dish it but cant take it?
I kinda figures u were a guy like that. Chris told me so.
Anger management will help with your problems.
Maybe some day you can graduate from being a paper shuffler who spends his days insulting others.


    That’s why you’re the Rock, Otto! “Look at General Jackson, standing there like a stonewal!” Those words at the Battle of Bull Run could as easily be attributed to you. You never run from the line of fire and always hold your ground.


    Stonewall – sorry typo


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