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Sodium Cyclamate: It’s the real thing

When the story about CokeZero being banned in Venezuela hit the airwaves on Thursday, this humble corner of cyberspace mused that widely banned substance sodium cyclamate may well have been the reason. Here’s a bit of wot I writ:

“Apparently, when the Coca-Cola Company first introduced Coke Zero into Latin America a couple of years back they used a different recipe than the one up North, leaving out some of the normal sweeteners approved for use everywhere (like aspartame that costs around $150/kg, if my info is good) and added Sodium Cyclamate instead, which comes in at around $10/kg right now (again, if my info is good on this). The only problem is that Sodium Cyclamate is a banned substance in many parts of the world, including inside the USA, where it has a reputation as a carcinogen and has been off the list of things food manufacturers can put in their stuff since 1970.

“When Mexico and Chile (two of the first target markets for Coke Zero in LatAm) found out that Sodium Cyclamate was part of the yummy local recipe there was an awful hoohah until Coca-Cola Company changed the recipe to the one used in the USA. Now I don’t know whether the Venezuelan version does or does not contain Sodium Cyclamate (Coke says it doesn’t), but I’ll bet dollaz to lowcal donutz that sexy little cancer-maker is at the heart of the Venezuelan ban..” CONTINUES HERE

Stunningly, amazingly, incredibly, here’s what is being reported by AP now:

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s Health Ministry said Friday it banned sales of Coca-Cola Zero because the company failed to declare that the no-calorie soft drink uses an artificial sweetener allegedly harmful to health.

Health officials said tests show the cola contains sodium cyclamate. Coca-Cola Co. disputes that, saying the product sold in Venezuela uses different artificial sweeteners, Acesulfame-K and Aspartame. Continues here

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