Tis rigor and not law

Solaris (SLS.v) continues to pull the wool over your eyes

If you believe modern CSR relies on ignoring the larger community that rejects your presence and only talking about the people you have paid off and corrupted, then SLS is the exploreco for you:

Continued strong local support from the Shuar Nations of Warints and Yawi with total employment from these and surrounding Shuar communities of 191 employees, establishing the Warintza Project as one of the largest Shuar employers in the country

When Daniel Earle tells you about 191 local employees, ask him about the 12,000 strong Pueblo Shuar Arutam that is the true authority in the region and is absolutely against mining development in the zone. And if you think the gringo strategy of moving on the village nearest to the project, paying them in hard dollars and causing divisions among the wider community works, you are as dumb as Richard Warke is obese. Dan Earle is his mini-me, no more or less, doing the dirty work for his paymasters. Santa Ana Peru = Warintza Ecuador and it’s only a matter of time before Canada realizes it.


    MiningWatch has never met a project they liked.


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