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Solidarity with Censored Blog ‘Que Te Pasa Clarín’

News from Argentina is not good for freedom of speech. The blog ‘Que Te Pasa Clarín’ (QTPC), set up by an ex-employee of the country’s largest media group, has been gagged by court order after Clarín applied for an injunction against its publication. Right now all you see if you go to the QTPC front page is a “sorry, we’ve been taken off the air” message from the blog authors.

It’s worth pointing out at this point the Clarín is Anti-Kirchner and the blogger behind QTPC is highly critical of the newspaper and its editorial line. Also, from when the blog kicked off in early April to today it has been severely critical of Clarín and often publishing embarrassing secrets that Clarín simply didn’t want out in the public field. You can still access all 140 posts at QTPC at this Google search link, but instead of going to the page you need to click the ‘CACHED’ button of each entry. Those of you who do Spanish can find out all the juicy details that the shits at Clarín wanted to suppress.

IKN voices its total support for the blog QTPC and roundly condemns the bullyboy actions of Grupo Clarín, an enormous, monopolistic, publicly quoted media company (GCLA on the London Stock Exchange) that would be the first to scream blue murder if it were the object of press restrictions itself.

UPDATE: The story I linked to above on the first link (“been gagged by court order”) was a specific report in Argentina’s ‘Critica’ daily, but now it seems the story has been pulled and the linkgoes to the website’s home page…no report anywhere on the site. Looks like Clarin has managed to gag its rival, too. Wowsers, what fascists! Here’s a report on the closure from a site in Spain.

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